Five matters of diesel generator operation

Diesel generator set in operation operator must pass system training before mount guard, in recent years because the diesel generator set operator is not in accordance with the safety specification and safety accidents occur, to effectively avoid accidents to reduce the loss, the user in the process of installation and operation, must take safety preventive measures, specific details are as follows:

1. Follow the manufacturer’s operating procedures

 Users should always follow the operating procedures issued by the manufacturer, and qualified professionals shall arrange for refueling and regular maintenance. If any defects or damage on the diesel generator set, please stop use immediately and call the inspector.

Regular maintenance ensures efficient operation and continuous use of diesel generator sets, ensure safety and allow time for accident prevention if any failure occurs.

2. Keep the machine room clean and tidy

The diesel generator set needs sufficient ventilation to properly discharge the exhaust gas, and is equipped with an appropriate exhaust exhaust system to ensure that the engine exhaust gas is discharged from the room, and regularly check the exhaust gas exhaust system for air leakage. If there is an exhaust gas in the diesel generator room, we should first open the doors and Windows to discharge the exhaust gas before entering the house, in order to prevent the high concentration of carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas in the machine room.

3. Electrical precautions

When installing or repairing a diesel generator, ensure that all power supplies, battery cables, and other electrical components are closed and disconnected. All wires, cables, and terminals must be properly insulated. Make sure they are the manufacturer recommended by volume. Do not let the water contact the electrical equipment to avoid electric shock.

4. No fireworks

No fireworks around diesel generators to avoid a potentially deadly explosion. Do not smoke around the fuel system because they use combustible materials that are easy to ignite. Be sure to turn off the diesel generator and let the engine cool before contacting or refueling. Please place the fire extinguishers nearby.

5. Wear the protective equipment

Gloves and goggles must be worn when using a diesel generator. Avoid wearing jewelry, loose clothes, or other harmful items, with long hair behind your head or in a hat. Do not use diesel generator alone, other personnel in the room ensure safety measures and note any potential hazards.

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