Poor Radiator Dissipation Performance

The radiator is the heat dissipating device of the cooling system, and sufficient heat dissipation area against the wind should be ensured.After the engine has been running for a period of time, the outside of the radiator will be covered by dust,and the inside will be blocked by dirt and impurities in the cooling system,causing poor heat dissipation of the system and excessively high water temperature.Therefore, it is necessary to regularly remove both the dirt outside and inside the radiator.

1. Removal of blockage on the surface of the radiator

Since the diesel engines is for long using, the surface of the heat dissipation core will be blocked by the adhesion of oil and mud, making its thermal conductivity worse, resulting in a severe reduction in heat dissipation and excessively high water temperature. The correct removal method is: first use a wire brush to gently brush off the oil on the outer surface along the direction of the heat sink, and gently vibrate the radiator on the ground several times to remove the oil. Blow compressed air to the radiator core for a few minutes, and basically all the dirt can be removed.

2. Removal of internal blockage of radiator

Put the radiator in the washing tank to clean the dehydrated scale. There are 4 ways as follows: (1) Put an aqueous solution containing 3% to 5% of sodium carbonate in the washing tank, heat and keep the temperature of the solution at 80-90C, about 5 ~8h, take out the radiator and clean it with warm water. (2) The washing tank is filled with an aqueous solution of caustic soda containing 10% to 15%, and the radiator is immersed in the solution for 25 to 30 minutes by heating, and then cleaned with hot water after being taken out. (3) For the radiator with more scale, you can use 3%~5% hydrochloric acid solution,add 3~5g hexamethylenetetramine per liter of solution, then heat to 60~70C, clean for about 30min, and then neutralize with hot alkaline water, and finally rinse with hot water. (4) For radiators with serious scale, use a welding torch to heat the weld, remove the upper water chamber, remove the scale with a saw blade, rinse with water while descaling, and unblock the water pipes to ensure that the pipes are unimpeded. After the water pipe is dredged, install the water chamber to restore the original position.

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